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What Image Does Your Email Address Reflect of You?

Your company name, branding, website and office/store reflect your company’s image and create an impression. And so does your email address. Every time you send an email – to friends, colleagues, vendors, clients, your dog groomer, or your accountant – your email address represents you and your business. What message does your email address send?

With over 29 billion messages sent per day (not including spam and viruses) by 1.9 billion email users, according to Radicati Group, a professional email address stands a much better chance of not being deleted before opening. Just as a professionally designed website will keep visitors on your site and encourage them to take the action you desire, a professionally designed email, including the address, will make people want to open your email. Both website design and email design are critical to the success of small businesses in today’s digital world.

To create a professional email address, use your name as the username and your company name as the domain name.

There are two parts of an email address: the “username” – the part in front of the @ – and the “domain” name – the part after the @. Respondents to an online poll conducted by Lifehacker consistently commented on the importance of the username in building your reputation. Cutsey, sexy, nonsensical text or nicknames for usernames give people the impression that you are not serious about yourself or your business. For a professional image that immediately commands respect and reflects confidence, use your first and last name as your user name. You can also use a department name, or any variation of your first and last names. Consider:

Domain name
As a small business owner, you know the importance of getting your company’s name out there as much as possible to create brand awareness and familiarity. You have business cards to give people you meet and office/store signs for people who drive by. For greater online visibility, your website domain name should be your company name. Now, imagine if everyone you email throughout the day, business or personal, saw your company name in their inbox – just think of the amount of free advertising your company will get when you use your company name for your email domain name:

If your company name is already taken, try using a form of your company name that is easy to remember. For instance, Premier Landscaping Company could be shortened to @premierlandscaping. If that’s taken, try using your last name with it: @smithpremierlandscaping. Avoid shortening or abbreviating words – people will have trouble remembering exactly how you spell it, and they’ll either have to search around to find your information or worse yet, they’ll stop trying and go to a competitor.

Note: free email accounts such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, and AOL are not considered business professional by most people and should be avoided. They do not instill the credibility and respect you’ll experience from using your domain name. Why give Yahoo free advertising when you could be advertising your own company?!

Get the most mileage out of your email address: free advertising, more credibility, and respect as a professional company. A strong email address will support your marketing activities. As you develop your marketing plans for 2012, consider taking your business to the next level with an online marketing program developed by the experts at seenBEST Web Design in Phoenix, Arizona. The professional team at seenBEST will help you grow your business within your budget. Call us today @ (480) 256-9010 for a free consultation!



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